This Workshop will hold in Reims from December 17 at 2pm until December 19 at 12am. It aims to present some theoretical and numerical aspects concerning inverse problems, with applications relevant in various physical contexts such as image processing or sismology. This workshop will include an introduction course focusing on simple examples as well as classical algorithms used for model problems.


Talks will be given in the seminar room of Building 2 in Campus "Moulin de la Housse" in Reims. The plan can be downloaded here.


Raymond Brummelhuis, Laurent Di Menza, Andrea Mantile, Stéphanie Salmon (Reims)


Confirmed speakers

  • M. Bellassoued (ENIT, Tunis)

  •   L. Bourgeois (ENSTA, Paris)

  • J. Dardé (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse)

  • F. Faucher (INRIA, Pau)

  • H. Haddar (Ecole polytechnique, Paris)

  • M. Kern (INRIA, Paris)

  •   E. Korotyaev (Saint Petersburg)

  •   A. Posilicano (DiSAT, Como)

  • M. Sini (RICAM, Linz)

  • E. Soccorsi (Aix-Marseille)


General program can be found here. Detailed program including titles and abstracts can be found here